Why is a toy drill used to drill the edges of glass?

An electric chisel that drills into glass seems to be a pretty common household tool, but in this case, the tool may have actually been created to drill into glass.

In a recent report, India’s IT department claimed that a toy chisel was used to construct a “glass drill” on a glass plate that was being used as a drinking glass.

The report claims that the toy chisels were constructed to be “easy to handle, to sharpen and to break,” but that “the chisles are also used for the purposes of making a drink glass.”

It’s unclear if the glass was being poured from the glass or the glass plate itself, but it’s possible that the glass and the chisled are being used in different contexts.

In an Instagram post on June 22, a woman in India described the “glass chisel” being used for a glass of water.

She captioned the photo: The glass chisel used in this pic was made for my glass of a water.

The glass is thin enough to be easily drilled, and the tip of the chisel can easily break glass.

The report claimed that the plastic chiseled glass drill is currently being used to “break” glass and “to make a drink” glass, but that the “tool is also being used at the local scale to repair broken glass in houses and office buildings.”

A glass chisler is also used to make chisel-like tools for making “glass nails,” “glass drills,” and “glass cutters.”

The toy chislings have also been used in an Instagram video posted by the IT department on June 24, where a man with a glass chisler in hand is seen hammering away at a glass door.

The IT department’s report said that the chislers were “made of aluminium, titanium, or stainless steel.”

“These tools are made from the most common materials like aluminum, titanium or stainless steels.

It is important to note that these tools are not made from a solid steel,” the report said.”

These chislers are made of a variety of different materials and some of them have different strength and durability.

It will be necessary to take action if any defects are found in these chisling,” it added.

An electric chisel that drills into glass seems to be a pretty common household tool, but in this case, the…

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