Electric rock drill is so accurate that it can drill through an airplane

Electric rock drills are getting more accurate.

They’re called electric rock drills, or EMRDs.

These machines can be mounted on airplanes to drill holes in the air.

They have been around for years, and they’re still getting better.

But they’re also getting more expensive.

And now, according to researchers at the University of Washington, they’re making their way to airplanes.

Last year, the university announced that it was acquiring the maker of an electric rock drilling machine, and it plans to start selling it to commercial airlines.

“We have some very exciting things to announce today,” the university said in a statement.

It’s not the first time electric drilling has made its way to the skies.

Back in January, a drone maker, SparkFun, unveiled a machine that can be used for drilling holes in aircraft and on the ground.

It was named the Drill-On-Air Drill and was sold by Amazon for $25,000.

But it’s not entirely clear whether that machine will make its way into commercial use.

“That’s the kind of innovation that we’re excited about,” said John Sauer, the company’s founder and CEO.

It has to do with how to make machines that are cheap to build, and cheap to transport.

But even cheap drones are still expensive.

That’s because they’re not designed to be able to carry a payload.

“Drones are very small,” Sauer said.

“They’re very light, and that’s where the price difference comes from.”

But Sauer is optimistic that his company can make drones that can handle larger payloads, which is why he thinks that drones can make their way into airplanes.

“The more you design your drone to be small, the less expensive it becomes,” he said.

The drill is also designed to get the job done quickly, because it’s designed to drill through the plane’s airframe.

That means it’s extremely accurate.

Sauer says it can get the hole in the plane within a few minutes.

The machine has also been used for several other things, including cutting wood.

But its biggest advantage is that it’s incredibly light.

In fact, the drill can be flown by humans on an airplane.

So if you need a drill, you can fly one out to the ground, which has the advantage of being more accessible to a lot of people.

And if you’re going to have a drill on an aircraft, you need it to be capable of drilling through an aircraft’s wing.

That would allow a drone to cut through the wings of an airplane, as well as the fuselage, and all the way through the airplane.

In the past, this sort of thing has been done using the aircraft’s wings.

But that process requires a lot more fuel than the drill does.

But now, with the drill, a plane could use the drill for the same thing.

“It would be much more portable and much cheaper than what we do now,” Sauer said.

Sauers drill will make his company a big company, and he said that he’s looking forward to being able to sell the drill to other airlines.

But as we’ve mentioned before, this technology is still quite expensive.

“A lot of this technology has been developed for the military, and you can see how that has created some very high cost barriers,” Sauner said, referring to the price of fuel and other components.

“So that’s one of the reasons we’re building a machine in partnership with SparkFun.

We think that’s the future of drilling, and we’re very excited about that.”

Electric rock drills are getting more accurate.They’re called electric rock drills, or EMRDs.These machines can be mounted on airplanes to…

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