What to do if your Tesla fails and you can’t get help

Tesla Motors is warning customers that it will stop charging their cars and trucks if they fail to turn their systems off.

Tesla said it has not detected any failures at its battery plant in Fremont, California.

Tesla is asking customers to “exercise extreme caution” and “never leave your home unattended” as it investigates the incident.

It added that “it is very unlikely that the incident is related to a system failure.”

Tesla, which has about 17,000 employees worldwide, said it will continue to provide assistance.

The automaker said customers should contact their local Tesla dealer or Tesla Technical Support Center for assistance.

Tesla was forced to stop charging its cars after a software error last week.

The company said it found an issue with the software that automatically detects faults in its powertrain and shuts down its power units when the system detects it is malfunctioning.

It said it’s working to fix the problem and to have it fixed by the end of the month.

Tesla’s latest software error was triggered when its lithium-ion battery pack failed to recharge and the automaker’s systems automatically shut down, causing the vehicles to stall and not start.

The problem also affected some of its electric-car models.

Tesla says it has a 100 percent battery backup system, and it expects to fix that by the start of next week.

Tesla has been in a tight spot in recent months, with analysts estimating it lost $2 billion in revenue in the first half of the year.

Tesla and its battery maker have struggled to make up for the shortfall with cheaper lithium-iron-nickel batteries and the introduction of its own electric vehicle.

Tesla lost about $1.2 billion last year, according to estimates from market research firm GTM Research.

Tesla expects to make a profit this year.

Tesla Motors is warning customers that it will stop charging their cars and trucks if they fail to turn their…

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