The electric drill is the best thing to happen to drilling: A new study

The electric drilling is the good thing to come to the world of drilling.

A new study by a German company suggests that a drill that could be used in the future could be an alternative to conventional drilling methods.

The company’s study was published online today (January 12) in the Journal of the American College of Occupational Therapy.

It looked at the long-term health effects of long-duration drilling for oil and gas, a technique that is used for a wide range of applications in the industry.

It was conducted by researchers at the University of Mannheim and the Technical University of Munich.

They examined the effects of drilling for 10 years at various locations, including the North Sea in Germany, the Gulf of Mexico in the United States, the Marcellus Shale in the U.K., the Permian Basin in Texas, and the Arctic.

They also looked at how the drilling for shale gas could be done safely.

The study looked at six different drilling techniques for drilling oil and natural gas in the Marches region of France and found that long-lasting drilling has no effect on the health of workers, the environment or the local population.

The results were surprising to the researchers.

The drilling methods were chosen based on the results from a previous study in the same region, which found no impact on workers, local community or the environment.

The new study looked more carefully at how long-time drilling might affect the health and the environment of workers.

The authors said the results were very promising, but more research was needed.

“We know that for a long-lived drilling project the effect of long term drilling on the environment is not negligible, and we can expect that this effect will be much more pronounced than in the first study,” the authors wrote.

This research is the first to look at the effects on workers and the local environment from long-dwelling drilling.

“The long-standing drilling of oil and oil products is associated with long-period effects on the human health and environment, and also with a large negative environmental impact,” they added.

The researchers did not find any health impacts from long term oil and coal drilling.

The electric drilling is the good thing to come to the world of drilling.A new study by a German company…

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