When cars powered by batteries become a reality, it’s time to rethink how we drive

By Laura Smith, BBC News, London By Laura Macdonald and Steve Hoggart, BBC World ServiceThe world has been looking forward to electric cars since at least the 1970s, but now we’re about to witness the biggest leap in the technology’s history.

Electric cars are going to become an everyday reality by 2020, and the world’s electric car makers are now scrambling to get on board.

Electric car makers will be required to offer customers cars powered entirely by battery technology by 2020.

The UK-based company that makes the Audi A4, which is one of the world´s most popular cars, says it will be able to produce 100,000 of these cars by the end of the year.

That’s far from the world average of about 7,000 electric cars sold per year, but if the technology continues to develop and the industry can keep up with demand, the Audi brand could reach 1 million vehicles by the time the year is over.

Tesla’s Model S sedan, which has been a huge success, has sold more than 15 million in its first year of sales, but the company has yet to achieve a similar level of demand.

Its founder, Elon Musk, says that he is working on the Model 3, a bigger car, but it is expected to cost a lot more.

Even the smaller-scale electric car companies have been struggling to keep up.

Billionaire founder Peter Thiel, who founded PayPal and PayPal for People, has said that he wants Tesla to “break the cost barrier” in the car market, but many analysts are sceptical about that claim.

Many electric car owners are looking forward instead to an electric car that they can buy themselves for less than the price of petrol, which could mean cheaper fuel costs for drivers.

With petrol cars costing up to £2.50 per litre and gas cars costing less than £1.20 per litres, it is possible that electric car prices will also drop significantly in the coming years.

But, given that the petrol cars currently dominate the market, there is a risk that prices will remain high.

In order to avoid that, the government has introduced a subsidy for electric cars that will allow the price to drop by a certain percentage of the cost of the vehicle.

As the price drops, the cost will be more expensive for consumers.

However, the new subsidy for petrol cars is likely to lead to a price drop for electric car buyers who rely on petrol to cover their living costs, and will also likely lead to an increase in the price for electric vehicle owners.

This means that electric vehicle buyers will not be able afford to drive themselves, but will instead pay more for petrol.

So why is the subsidy a problem?

Because petrol cars are more expensive to run than electric cars, so consumers will buy more of them, and drive them for longer periods of time.

A large part of the problem is that electric cars are a different type of vehicle to petrol cars.

They can be driven off the grid for short periods of times and, unlike petrol cars, they have no fuel tank.

Pumpkin pie, which Tesla says has a fuel tank, is not an electric vehicle.

Tesla says it is a prototype, and it is not clear if the company is able to bring the vehicle to market.

It will be the first time that a car manufacturer has built an electric electric car and, as such, the company must take a huge gamble.

One of the main problems is that the cost and weight of the electric vehicle will be higher than that of petrol cars because it will have a much lower range.

For example, the average petrol car currently has a range of 130km (81 miles) while an electric SUV has a combined range of 400km (250 miles).

The new subsidy is also likely to mean that electric vehicles are less affordable for many people.

According to research by market researcher IHS Automotive, an average electric vehicle cost £37,500 when new in the UK in 2018, and £36,000 in 2019.

And, of course, there will be some electric car users who will be disappointed by the new subsidies.

Despite all the buzz about electric cars going mainstream, they are not yet a mainstream technology, and there are still a lot of hurdles to overcome before it can become mainstream.

If electric cars do become mainstream, it will depend on the governments response to the subsidy.

Britain has been working on a scheme called ‘Plug In UK’, which is meant to encourage people to take part in the scheme.

There is no word on whether this scheme will be extended beyond 2020.

By Laura Smith, BBC News, London By Laura Macdonald and Steve Hoggart, BBC World ServiceThe world has been looking forward…

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