How to get a drill to drill into the ground and make a hole

How to make a tunnel with your drill article A new type of tunnel is being developed by a group of engineers working on a major new study.

Researchers from Purdue University have designed a system that uses a pair of electrodes placed near the surface of a water-filled pipe to record information on the pressure of the water as it flows through. 

This type of system has been used in a number of other experiments and the system works by taking a series of measurements of the pressure at different points in the pipe and then comparing them to the pressure on the electrodes. 

The system works well enough that the team expects to be able to use it to design better pipe systems. 

A more promising application for this kind of technology might be in the treatment of wastewater from wastewater treatment plants.

Researchers at Purdue University and the University of Missouri have shown that their new system can accurately determine the pressure inside a treatment plant without requiring a specialized system of piping. 

“Our system allows us to monitor the water’s flow without the need for expensive sensors, making it possible to design systems that are cheaper and faster,” says Andrew Hirsch, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue. 

Scientists have used this kind in a few previous experiments to make sure that the pressure in the pipes doesn’t change during a treatment process, and it’s also used in many kinds of automated systems, from air conditioners to automatic shut-off valves. 

But this system has only been able to make measurements of pressure for a few hours, so scientists are excited about the potential of a device that can continuously measure the pressure from the surface as it leaves the pipe. 

If a new technology could work as well as a traditional sensor, Hirsch says, “then it could have a significant impact on wastewater treatment.

We are looking forward to the day when you could monitor this pressure and see if it changes as the water moves through a treatment system.” 

In this study, the researchers placed a pair in a pipe.

The pressure at each electrode was then measured over a period of about 10 minutes. 

After the 10-minute measurement, the scientists were able to determine the exact pressure at the electrodes, using a formula developed by the Purdue team. 

These measurements allowed the researchers to determine that the device is not only able to measure pressure, but also to determine its length.

This gives the researchers confidence that they can accurately measure the length of the device. 

There are two main reasons for this.

First, the measurement takes place in a sealed chamber with a high pressure at one end and a low pressure at another end.

In other words, the pressure is controlled by the pipes and can be easily measured by the device without having to use a microscope.

Second, the measurements are made using a series that allows the device to accurately measure pressure from one end of the pipe to the other. 

Purdue researchers are now working on ways to improve the precision of the measurements, but it will likely be several years before this new type becomes widely used. 

Read more about the study: The next step for this research is to build a prototype that can accurately record pressure from either end of a pipe, so that the researchers can begin testing this in real-world systems.

Researchers also plan to test this in a real-life treatment system and see how well the device works in that system. 

 Read the original article in National Geographic. 

Image Credit: Purdue University

How to make a tunnel with your drill article A new type of tunnel is being developed by a group…

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