How to pay for electric drill?

The government has announced a $1.2 billion program to upgrade some of Australia’s most popular drill rigs.

Key points:The government says it is looking at options to upgrade up to 10% of its fleet of drill rigs by 2025The program is aimed at addressing some of the concerns around the reliability of electric drill rigsKey pointsThe Government says it wants to upgrade as many as 10% to 20% of Australia ‘s existing electric drill rig fleet by 2025Key pointsA range of options are being considered to improve the reliability and security of electric drilling rigsThe Government is also exploring the feasibility of a $500 million “drill down” program to address concerns about the reliability, security and cost of electric rigs in the Northern Territory, the Northern Rivers region and parts of South Australia.

“We are looking at different options for what we need to do in order to increase the safety and security in our drill rigs,” Treasurer Scott Morrison said on Wednesday.

“What we’re doing is we’re going to look at the various options to do that, and I think we have some good ideas that are really going to increase security and security and reliability.”

The Government has committed $1 billion over five years to upgrade the reliability on some of its electric drill machines, including at its Northern Rivers unit.

The $1bn is being spent on a number of upgrades to the fleet of electric drills.

Key point:The Government wants to spend $500m over five months on upgrades to electric drill equipmentThe program includes installing new hydraulic sensors to detect any problems with the machines, as well as replacing existing electrical connectors and wiring.

It also wants to install new wiring for electric drills to allow for faster power delivery.

“There’s no doubt that the reliability issues around electric drill technology is a problem and there are some really good things that can be done about that,” Mr Morrison said.

“But we need all of these different options, some of them quite radical, to get a lot of people off the electric drill.”

Mr Morrison said he was not sure exactly what the Government’s priorities were in this area.

“I’ve been very clear to you that we need a lot more information about the security of the electric drilling equipment that we have, and that’s why I’ve taken this step today to announce that we’re looking at a range of different options to make sure that the rig is safe,” he said.

Mr Morrison’s comments came as he addressed the Northern Plains Petroleum Association (NPPPA), which represents operators of the oil and gas industry in the NT.

“The reality is that we are getting into the same territory we were at when we started the program about the safety of the equipment,” NPPPA chair Jim Hargrove said.

He said the Government should have the “confidence to look for alternatives” and said it should focus on getting the rigs out on the ground.

“It’s not an immediate issue that we want to see come to a head, we just need to have the confidence to look,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“At the moment, we have the ability to operate the rigs and the equipment that are out there, but it’s a very difficult and complicated area to get out and operate the equipment.”

Mr Hargrobve said there were a number issues that he did not want to discuss with the Government about at this stage, but he hoped the new funding would enable the NPPA to continue to meet its goals.

“If we do have to put a price tag on the rig then we’ll be putting it to work,” he added.

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The government has announced a $1.2 billion program to upgrade some of Australia’s most popular drill rigs.Key points:The government says…

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