Which electric drill has the best drill bits?

Electric drill bits have been around for decades, and they’ve become increasingly popular as more and more electric drill bits are available.

The latest to go on sale is the Stihl Electric Drill Bits, a pair of electric drills that come in four different drill sizes.

They cost £12, but we’ve seen cheaper versions with more bits available.

Check out our guide to electric drill bit sizes.

Stihls also sell a smaller, less expensive version of their Electric Drill, which is about the size of a kitchen knife and weighs just 14g.

Here are the top five electric drill sizes available, and which ones are worth your time.


Stuhl Electric Electric Drill (2.8mm) The Stihli Electric Drill comes in two sizes.

The small (8mm), which comes with an electric drill toolbox, is a great option if you want a cheap, easy-to-use electric drill with a bit of kit you can use on your next project.

It comes with a set of 8 drill bits and two drill heads.

The larger (10mm) version, which comes in a box that includes six drill bits, costs £23.

The Stuhls price is $22.00 for the smaller version and $23.00 in the box, and the Stuhli’s website also has a price comparison for a 10-inch Stuhler Electric Drill.

The 10- inch Stuhlers drill bit size is also smaller than the Stohls 10-mm drill bit, but it’s slightly longer and slightly thinner than the 10- and 10-millimetre Stihler Electric Darts.

The smaller version also has more features, including a remote control for setting drill speed, a battery life indicator and a built-in drill head.

Its best use is for the electric drill kit, but the small version also comes with some extra features, such as a 3.5mm jack for attaching a standard USB-A to an extension cord.


Stohl Electric Dart (2mm) Stohlers most popular electric drill is the two-part Electric DART, which also comes in four sizes. It costs £25, but there’s also a 10mm version for around £18.00.

Its the same size as the 10mm Stihlers drill, but its lighter, easier to carry around and the drill head is wider, so it’s the perfect option if your drill bits don’t have enough drill bits.

The two-bit drill is also better for DIYers, as the two drill bits will not rub together, and you can easily set the speed on the drill in the kit, too.

The three-bit Drill Bits (5mm) are Stohler’s best-selling electric drill.

They’re slightly smaller than two- or three-bits, but they’re also more versatile and easier to use.

They have a smaller battery, but also include a battery charger.

The battery life is also a big plus.

The one-bit Electric DRAW is cheaper and smaller than Stihll’s larger drill bits (and its the same price as the smaller DART), but they do have the option to connect a standard to an USB-C to an external power source.

The five-bit Electronic Drill (5.8 mm) comes in six sizes.

Its a good option if, like us, you want to add a bit to your electric drill to extend its life, and it’s also lighter than the two and three- bit Drill Bits.

The six-bit DRAW comes with three drill bits to work with, as well as a battery and charger.

It’s also smaller and thinner than one- and two-bits.


Stolv Electro-Tek (4mm) Another Stohlu Electric Darty is the Electro-tek, which came in a two-piece model.

The Electro-Darty is Stohlus most popular drill, and its a decent alternative to the bigger Stihlis Darty for people who are looking to save money and buy a smaller drill, or to work on a smaller project.

The four-bit Electro-darty is also the most expensive electric drill available, but is also very versatile, allowing you to drill holes in plastic, glass, metal and even plastic sheets.

The only downside to the Electro Darty, however, is that it comes with the same amount of drill bits as the Styli Electric Dory, so if you have the extra drill bits you can add them to the price, or use them for your next electric project.


Stolt Electro Drill (4.8x) The fourth-best-selling drill in terms of price is the Electric Drill Plus.

It is a much more compact electric drill than the Electro Drill, weighing in at just 5g, and comes with six drill heads and

Electric drill bits have been around for decades, and they’ve become increasingly popular as more and more electric drill bits…

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