Electric drill driver to be used in emergency situations

Electric drill drivers will be used for emergency situations, including on roads, bridges and railways, as part of a £1bn programme to make the UK safer and more reliable.

The Government is also investing in a £4.8bn fleet of electric drills, which can drill into rough, muddy and wet areas.

The programme, announced today by Transport Secretary Richard Branson, will see electric drills installed in more than 2,200 bridges, tunnels and roadworks.

Electric drill heads will be connected to the grid by a new high-voltage electrical wire.

The UK’s electric drill fleet has grown by nearly 70 per cent since 2010, according to the Department for Transport.

The new technology will reduce the number of electric drill head assemblies from over 30,000 to less than 500.

Branson said the new technology was a vital part of Britain’s emergency response to prevent accidents on the road and rail, as well as helping to reduce congestion and emissions.

Electric drills can be used to drill into soft surfaces, such as mud and gravel, to make a small hole.

They can also be used on hard surfaces such as concrete or metal to make larger holes.

Electric drill head, with electric motor, electric drill target, electric drilling target, drill target article Electric drilling heads will have been connected to a new, high-powered, battery-powered electrical wire, allowing the drill to drill through any type of hard or soft material, according in a blog post from the Department of Transport.

The drill heads have also been fitted with GPS and radio navigation capability to ensure they are accurate, according.

Bridanson said electric drill heads could be installed in the UK’s railway networks, including through electrification of existing lines.

He added: ‘We are investing £1 billion over the next five years in the introduction of electric drilling, and we are investing more than £1.5 billion of that in electric drill vehicles, which are the first ever electric drill vehicle that can drill in a straight line.

‘This is a great opportunity for the UK to be a leader in the global revolution in electric drilling.

“The introduction of this technology will provide a huge boost to our ability to protect people and the environment, by reducing the risk of accidents on our roads, and help the UK meet its emission reduction targets.’

Electric drill trucks will also be available to the public to make long-distance journeys, and will be a fantastic way to cut our carbon footprint and cut congestion.’

We know that our transport infrastructure is crucial for our economy, and this investment will help us keep pace with changing technology, and make sure we deliver on our commitments to reduce emissions.’

Branson said he wanted to create ‘a country where electric drilling is as safe and reliable as gas drilling’.

‘We have a responsibility to protect our environment and our communities, so we will continue to make sure our roads are safe, our bridges are safe and our railways are safe.’

A spokesman for the Department said: ‘This is an exciting time for the British economy, where we are looking to invest billions in roads, railways, water, energy and infrastructure.

This is the latest example of how we can harness the power of technology to make our roads safer, and our bridges more resilient.’

This will allow us to invest in safer, more efficient transport, which will in turn reduce the cost of living and improve quality of life for our people.

We will be investing in the electrification and charging of electric vehicles and electric drill trucks across the UK, to ensure the UK is a leading global electric drilling hub.

For more information: Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: ‘Electric drilling is an essential part of the national emergency response, and it will make a huge difference to our road, rail and bridge safety.

‘I’m delighted that this new technology is now available to be installed on electric drill drivers.’

In addition to protecting the country, this is a key part of our long-term planning for safer, faster and more efficient roads, rail, water and energy.

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Electric drill drivers will be used for emergency situations, including on roads, bridges and railways, as part of a £1bn…

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