Why is this electric drill kit called a “screwdrivers”

Posted March 02, 2018 05:32:58 The “Screwdriver Electric Drill Kit” (SKHK) is a new and very interesting electric drill tool.

The tool itself is not quite a screwdriver, but the shape and feel of the handle is reminiscent of the one used by the drill.

The SKHK is a single-handed drill, so you can use both hands to drill through a piece of wood or other hard material, like a table or wall.

It comes with an attachment system for attaching a screw or a socket.

The tool itself has a number of uses, and the design is quite unique.

There is a screw on the bottom that fits into a slot on the drill head, while a screw to the left of that slot is used to attach a screw head to the drillhead.

There are two holes in the top of the screw that go through a hole in the side of the tool, which holds the screwdriver in place.

The other hole is used for the attachment of the two screws.

The attachment system is designed to attach to various types of screw threads.

For example, the attachment system can attach to an extension nut on a standard drill head or to a threaded bolt that is used in a socket for a threaded drill head.

There’s also an attachment for the threaded drillhead, which is also used for an extension and a threaded screw.

The screwdriver uses a combination of two screw types, so it can drill through several different types of nuts and bolts.

This means the tool can be used to drill holes for plumbing fixtures and other tools, as well as to drill for various other purposes.

The screwdriver also has a threaded plug that is threaded into the bottom of the drill, making it easier to use the tool with a wide variety of screwdriver heads.

It’s a bit odd to use a drill that is supposed to be a screwdrivers’ tool.

But, in general, the SKHG seems like it could be a nice alternative to screwdrivers in the long run.

If the SKHD is ever made into a regular drill, it should be much more versatile than it currently is.

Posted March 02, 2018 05:32:58 The “Screwdriver Electric Drill Kit” (SKHK) is a new and very interesting electric drill tool.The…

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